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Typical issues & errors during Roof Ventilation

Alright so as the title suggests, this article is all about roof ventilation. We receive a ton of requests where clients ask our expert opinion on what are the most common issues and errors with roof ventilation, therefore as a leading contractor for Roofing Charlotte NC it is our prime responsibility to spread awareness on the matter. Asphalt shingle manufacturers require roof ventilation to help preserve the life of the shingles, despite the fact that the color of shingles will have a greater effect on their life expectancy than roof ventilation will. An attic with insufficient ventilation will get warmer than a well ventilated attic, which may increase the temperature of the shingles, which may decrease the life of the shingles… just a little.  Proper ventilation will also help to keep the attic space cooler during the winter, which may help to prevent ice dams. Let me say that again; proper ventilation may help prevent ice dams. I’m not saying it will, but it might. The same thin…

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