Best Ways To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Roofing Contractor In Charlotte NC

We all have heard the stories, from family members, from the neighbours, from your brother-in-law how so and so hired the wrong roofing contractor in Charlotte NC and their roofing project went sideways. Sure they thought they were getting a great deal, but then the problems started. The contractor they hired for Roofing Charlotte NC would show up late to the job, there was damage to the flowers, they found nails in their driveway and then the contractor added a $2000 change order at the end of the job! Their great deal turned into a nightmare. Let’s face it, replacing the roof on your home is not something that most people want to do, but like a lot of homeowners, if you own your home long enough you’ll need to get your roof replaced. 

This has been debated quite a few times yet people make some of the most common mistakes while hunting for the best roofing contractor. Though hiring a professional contractor for roofing in Charlotte NC at his price is not something that any homeowner relishes doing, it makes no sense in hiring the wrong contractor who may have the lowest price, but also the lowest quality of work. Homeowners should never choose a roofing contractor solely on the basis of his quote – as cheap as it may be. One little slip in choosing the proper certified roofing contractor can do a lot of damage to your home and what may have seemed like a real bargain can turn out to be a very costly mistake in the end.
When choosing a residential roofing contractor, make sure you avoid these common mistakes:
 1.     Avoiding research
It’s quite imperative to do proper homework on the contractor you are hiring for roofing in Charlotte NC , things you should prioritize:
a)      Location: Beware of door-to-door roofers. A legitimate, well-established roofing company will have a physical location out of which they operate. If they give you a PO box, make sure you follow up and request their actual address.
b)     Read Customer Reviews: There’s no better barometer than the experiences of previous customers. Many residential roofing companies will post customer testimonials on their website, though you should also visit third-party sources like Home Stars.
c)      Check out the Company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating: BBB’s database helps people find local, reputable businesses. A company’s BBB profile will include current and resolved complaints and customer reviews.

2.     Picking an uninsured roofer
All the contractors providing services for Roofing in Charlotte NC must have a license because If things get rough- you contractor in injured while the transition, you would be in hot water. A reputable residential roofing company should have:
·         General liability, which protects your home if a contractor damages it while completing the work.
·         Workers’ Compensation to provide coverage if a contractor is injured on the job.

Always check credentials as you’re doing your research to make sure you hire a qualified, licensed

3.     Roofers without contract 

The contractor that you have picked for roofing in Charlotte NC must be willing to sign a contract, don’t avoid it just for a little amount of cash favour.
A little saving early in the game can mean big problems down the road. Always get all the necessary details – materials, labour, cost breakdowns, and what should happen if anything changes – in writing. This will guarantee your investment and help you compare quotes.
 4.     Contractor without Warranty
This is what we recommend to everyone, if you decide to hire a contractor roofing in Charlotte NC without any warranty, consequences can be fatal.  Securing a good, comprehensive warranty is a smart decision. Reputable roofers who take pride in their work will offer a warranty to back it up and will offer advice on available manufacturers’ warranties like lifetime warranties on laminate shingles.

5.     Don’t go just with the price
Most of our clients have made this mistake while choosing a roofing contractor in Charlotte NC. It’s not their fault, low bids attract us all but it’s crucial you don’t make a decision based purely on price. Although it’s important to weigh competing quotes against each other, your decision should ultimately be based on the quality of workmanship the contractor can provide. A roof installation is a major investment. 

It’s important to make sure you choose to work with a reputable roofing contractor who can provide quality workmanship using high quality materials.

Alfa-Omegainc  has been providing quality roof replacements and repairs for a long time. We stand behind our workmanship and are committed to delivering superior results using the best materials. Contact us at to schedule your in-home consultation!
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