How to Choose Best Contractor for Siding?

If you want to make a first impression of your home, proper installed siding gives a beautiful  and excellent look to your home.

For this you need professionals who are experts in installation and maintenance of various type siding materials and style. These experts are known as Siding contractor who deals in replacing old siding and repairs damaged area of wood, fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum and cement fiber siding.

Here we are going to discuss about how important it is to choose the best contractor when you are involved in picking a contractor for your home improvement projects.

Choosing a right contractor for siding to your home is not like a cup of tea. This process of siding is expensive, time taking and can be messy. You know very well that you are going to invest your valuable time and large amount of money, so it is important that you get it right.

Before hiring siding contractor, you should ask these most important questions to your contractor. Here are a few questions that are worth to ask.

1) Do you have a valid contractor’s license?
On contractor’s license card you see his contractor’s number, name of the person or company who has holds the license and it also has the qualification. Make sure that your contractor uses employee of his company and not somebody that he just picked up down at the corner and same goes with any sub-contractors that may be on your property doing work.

2) Experience or how long he’s been in business?
Obviously the longer that a contractor has been in business, the more referrals they will have and the better you will feel about calling them in the future if you do have any warranty issue. You should ask your contractor that how long will it take to complete the job, you should make sure that your contractor is committed to your job and to get it done in a timely manner. So make sure that you get all that in your contract as well.

3) Payment options
contractor might ask for the down payment to get a commitment from you to schedule the work but make sure that you do not give him more money than the work that’s has been done already. So you can certainly work deal with him where you are going to make progress payments but never give the final payment to your contractor until all the work has been completed.

Make sure that he provides you a written estimate and ask him how long that estimate will be good for, also make sure that your written estimate is very detailed about the work  that is going to be done and if there will be extra charges for any unforeseen things that make a come up, find out what is time and material rate is. You should make sure that all these prices before you sign your proposal or contract.

4) Materials
Make sure that your contractor is using quality materials, it is always best to pay a little bit extra to get quality materials so that the work that’s done at your house will look better and it will last longer and you will be happy with your work and your contractor for years to come.

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